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Reminder to AACE members: AACE’s 2011-2012 Elections are underway.  "ReminderVote"

Please take a the time now to vote and shape the future of AACE!

A complete list of the candidates, their bios and goals was published in the January issue of the Cost Engineering journal and are posted on AACE’s website.

Candidates Include: (Candidates are listed in alphabetical order)

  • President-Elect: Marlene Hyde CCE EVP and Alexia Nalewaik CCE
  • Vice President-Administration:  Martin Darley CCCPeter W. Griesmyer, and John L. Haynes PSP
  • Vice President-T/E/C:  Mike Pritchett CCC CEP and George "Sandy" Whyte CCC CEP EVP

All members will vote for these three offices.  In addition, members in Regions 3, 5, 6, and 8 will also vote for a Director-Region of their respective region.

  • Director-Region 3: James H. "Jay" Carson CCC CEP and Andrea Bach CCC
  • Director-Region 5: Dr. Anamaria Popescu PE PSP
  • Director-Region 6: Logan Anjaneyulu CCE CEP PSPNicholas Kellar CCC EVP PSP, andTom Ross CCC PSP
  • Director-Region 8: Dr. Paul Giammalvo CCEKeith Webb, and Ira C. Zipperer CCT

Members in Regions 1, 2, 4, and 7 will not vote on Director-Region candidates until the 2012 election.

Constitution and Bylaws Amendments:

Voters will also find three AACE International Constitution and Bylaws amendments on the ballot:

  • Amendment 1 – is a vote for or against removing the "Associate Member" class.  Current "Associate" members will be classified as "Members" if the amendment is approved. The AACE Board is recommending approval of Amendment 1.
  • Amendment 2 – is a vote for or against eliminating the "Emeritus Member" classification.  Approval makes no change for those already holding "Emeritus Members" classification. The AACE Board is recommending approval of Amendment 2.
  • Amendment 3 – Clarifies and cleans up Constitution and Bylaws wording, removing an outdated 120 day grace period before unpaid dues result in a member being moved to "inactive status." Today’s electronic database automatically makes the change when dues expire. The amendment would change the word mail to "make available" Section 5 of the bylaws on amending the document to better reflect the current electronic voting that replaced mailed paper ballots.  Section 6 also removes the word "mailed" and uses the wording, "the dates the ballots are made available."  The AACE Board is recommending approval of Amendment 3.

AACE Canada Constitution and Bylaws Vote:

Canadian members in Region 1 will be voting on a new Constitution and Bylaws for AACE Canada. Canadian members voted on amendments in 2008, but the Canadian government refused to recognize the changes.  After a consultant was hired, AACE Canada was advised to put this new document up for a vote.

The full text of the proposed new document is published in the February issue of Cost Engineeringjournal and there will be electronic links to the original and 2008 versions that will be posted at theAACE website.

About the Election:

VoteNet Solutions is the independent outside entity providing the electronic ballots, but all ballots are accessed from the AACE website.  Eligible voters were given access to the online ballots beginning at 12:01 AM on February 1, and voting will end at midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on March 15.

The AACE Constitution and Bylaws provides for dues paid members to have the privilege of voting  Associate members do not get to vote on the Constitution and Bylaws amendments, but can vote for the candidates.  Student members do not have voting privileges.  All eligible voters are urged to participate and cast votes!

Anyone with election questions, or who encounters any problems in trying to vote, should send an email to editor@aacei.org with a brief explanation of the question or problem.  The editor/election clerk or another headquarters staff member will email you back.  An attempt is made to reply back to the same business day during the work week (Monday-Friday), or no later than the next business day.

Most voting issues or problems can be quickly addressed and resolved.  Members who pay dues or are added in 2011, can be manually added if not on the approved voter list by emailingeditor@aacei.org.

Please note that due to the U.S. holiday, President’s Day, AACE Headquarters office will be closed on Monday, February 21, 2011.