Decision Making and Quantitative Risk Analysis using @RISK

Decision Making and 
Quantitative Risk Analysis using @RISK
August 25th – 26th, Brisbane

Please join us for a hands-on course designed to introduce attendees to the concepts and methods necessary to develop a risk assessment and to make a defensible decision under uncertainty, using Palisade software.

Attendees will discover how to translate their deterministic Excel analysis into an @RISK model that can be used to quantify exposure and test mitigation strategies. The importance of correlation is discussed, as well as how to include it in spreadsheet models. Business and modelling decisions will be compared using special @RISK functions and charts. Several key modelling concepts will be introduced, as well as creating report templates. Examples will be presented which will demonstrate how to effectively use the software and to interpret the results. 

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Decision-Making & Quantitative Risk Analysis using @RISK

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Decision-Making & Quantitative Risk Analysis using @RISK

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