Melbourne July Meeting – Claims Avoidance and Resolution – Peter Downie

Peter Downie will be coming along to the Melbourne meeting on July 17 to provide an overview of the general process clients, consultants and contractors can use to avoid and manage claims on projects. Peter is a renowned expert in this field and an excellent presenter. Since this will be a session of interest to a wide range of professionals, members are encouraged to spread the word. As always this is a free session but bookings would be preferred, to Barry Hart at or (03) 9094 5600.

Peter Downie has been involved in the delivery of projects for more than 40 years, as client, EPC contractor, subcontractor and consultant. This experience included the turbulent years of the $4.5 billion Loy Yang project after the 18 month Concrete Batcherbs strike, which (with the other issues) left a legacy of hundreds of claims totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. He subsequently was a key member of the team of experienced SECV engineers and internal lawyers that developed, with input from some of Australiabs top lawyers in private practice, new Conditions of Contract for major projects where the client was the EPC Contractor.

Over the years he has been involved in all phase of contract formation, administration and dispute management including:

  • Project Delivery strategy development,
  • Contracting strategy development,
  • Contract formation,
  • Contract administration,
  • Dispute settlement strategy development, and
  • Negotiation of claims ranging from A$50,000 to A$550,000,000 in Australia and overseas.

    He has also consulted in Australia and overseas on reviews of project delivery processes for clients, consulting engineers and turnkey contractors.