What we do and why?

Money and time are fundamental to the success of every engineered project. Our core professional role as engineers is to deliver reliably, on time and to cost. Cost engineers work in project teams to establish budgets, coordinate plans, and then manage change, and forecast results so that project teams can measure progress, report status, communicate with stakeholders, and plan to achieve with no surprises. Cost engineers also work with money, scope and time across diverse fields and activities covering all aspects of cost control including asset management, business and project modelling, estimating, planning and scheduling, risk management, value engineering and claims analysis.

ACES support its members with conferences and professional development events around Australia. These events are led by engineers who are experts in their fields and the presentations are available as a body of up to date practice.

The ACES is the Australian Section home for the global cost engineering organisation, Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACEI), which maintains an exhaustive and integrated body of knowledge on everything to do with cost engineering. This includes; a comprehensive and mature framework for the implementation of Total Cost Management at any site or organisation; libraries of practice supported by professional papers; and study programs relevant to each level of competence, leading to internationally recognised certifications.

Membership of the ACES and participation in its programs will: put you in touch with experienced, like minded professionals, who will enrich your understanding and knowledge; provide the opportunity to share your insights and develop your communication skills; enhance your reputation; and give you the satisfaction of contributing back to your profession.


The Australian Cost Engineering Society (ACES) is both a technical society of Engineers Australia and the Australian home for a section of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACEI).
You can become a member of the ACES by first joining either of these bodies:

If you are an engineer (and not a member of EA), we recommend that you join EA and then join ACES. This will allow you to fully contribute to EA as an engineer.

If you are not an engineer you can register and receive an ID from EA which can then be used to join the ACES directly.

Then join the ACES “Technical Society:



Become a member of AACE International:

The ACES is part of region 8 section of AACE International

Then join the ACES “Technical Society and If you are not an engineer you can register and receive an ID from EA which can then be used to join the ACES directly:

The cost of joining the ACES is as follows:

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: David Ronksley (NSW Membership Coordinator)
Mobile: +61 412 926 013 Email: david.ronksley@c2rconsulting.com.au